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Demos are recorded gameplay sessions saved as a binary of packets and inputs. Aside from personal archival reasons, demos may be used as a proving instrument to verify that a user's play is legitimate.

In Xonotic, a player may record a match from his or her point of view upon connecting or starting a new match session. However, this demo does not contain any data regarding other clients on the server i.e the POV of other players in the match can not be reviewed.

Saved PathEdit

Xonotic saves demos in the following locations.

Windows C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\xonotic\data\demos
Linux ~/.xonotic/data/demos
Mac ~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data/demos

Capturing Demos into Video formatsEdit

For capturing a demo into a video format such as .ogv or .avi, Xonotic provides useful commands to let that happen. Here is an example how to capture very quick into the ogv format:

  1. Go into the Mutliplayer Window and access your demo by clicking the Demo tab.
  2. Double click your demo for a playback.
  3. During the playback go into command line by pressing ctr+^ and write cl_capturevideo 1 to start capturing. Dont worry, it is normal when playback is slowing down.
  4. To stop capturing, write cl_capturevideo 0 into command line. You are done.

As you can imagine the path of your captured video is likely similar compared with the demo path:

Windows XP - Windows 7 My Games\xonotic\data\videos
Linux ~/.xonotic/data/videos
Mac ~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data/videos

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Demoseeking Edit

To quickly seek to highlights of a demo, type in the console (~) :

exec input-demoseeking.cfg

This will create new temporary keybinds. Keys 'm' and ',' rewind 30 seconds and 5 seconds respectively. Keys '.' and '/' fastforward 5 seconds and 30 seconds respectively. If rewinding does not work, it's often because the command was executed while a demo was already loaded and running.

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