The expected first person shooter modes are here, along with a few unique modes.


Gametype dm.jpg
Score as many frags as you can.
A free-for-all scenario where the winner has the highest amount of points. The loose structure and simple objective of Deathmatch makes it playable on many maps and with an odd number of players.


Gametype duel.jpg
One on one match.
 A two player Deathmatch. Commonly played with Xonotic Pro Mode rules set with power ups disabled as standard rules are less fair to the out-of-control player. As there are only two players, map control and tactics have a greater importance than in regular Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch

Gametype tdm.jpg
Help your team score the most frags against the enemy team.
A teamplay mode awarding points to a team for each frag its members scores. Map control remains as important, but co-operation within a team opens new tactical options.

Capture The Flag (CTF)

Gametype ctf.jpg
Find and bring the enemy flag to capture it, defend your base from the other team.
A teamplay mode focused on capturing flags. Though there are no formal assignments of roles within a team, typically it is played with a structure of a base defender, mid-fielder, and base attacker.

Complete The Stage (CTS)

Gametype cts.jpg
Race for the fastest time.
A mode focusing on the nuances of movement and physics. Though fragging is not the objective of this mode, explosive weapons such as Devastator, Mortar, and Hagar may appear as tools to complete the obstacle course. The majority of custom maps are designed for the (Xonotic) DeFrag Mod and may be impossible to finish without.

Clan Arena

Gametype ca.jpg
Kill all enemy teammates to win the round.
A round-based teamplay mode awarding points to the team that survives the round. Item pickups are absent and all players spawn fully equipped with maximum health and armor, thus shooting effectiveness and team coordination are the emphasized skills.

Freeze Tag

Gametype ft.jpg
Kill enemies to freeze them, stand next to teammates to revive them, freeze the most enemies to win.
A round-based teamplay mode where killed players are instead frozen and can be revived. Similar to Clan Arena, ammo pickups are absent and players spawn fully equipped with maximum ammo, but the starting health and armor is the same as other modes. With the added concept of reviving teammates a team can make a full recovery within a round.


Gametype ka.jpg
Hold the ball to get points for kills.
A free-for-all style mode where frags are centric around a ball. Conceptually similar to Deathmatch with the added condition that acquiring and retaining the ball is necessary to earn points. While the amount of time a player holds the ball is tracked on the scoreboard, it is not directly related to the number of points s/he receives.

Nex Ball

Gametype nb.jpg
Shoot and kick the ball into the enemies' goal, keep your goal clean.
A football, or soccer, style teamplay mode played in third person view.
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