rcon2irc deploys an IRC bot to relay messages between server and a specified IRC channel, allowing players in-game to communicate with IRC users, vice versa. Additionally, it may announce various information such as but not limited to matches, player connecting to server, and scores. rcon2irc is considered unmaintained; however it remains packaged with Xonotic per release.

Requirements Edit

rcon2irc is straightforward to set up on Linux systems, but less so on Windows. Additionally it relies on an MD4 package that is not available on MSYS2. rcon2irc relies on the following contexts:

  • the server is running on port 26000
  • the server has an rcon password set

Common Issues Edit

  • IRC bot can not connect to the Xonotic server.
    • dp_secure 0 may need to be set on the Xonotic server and reflected on the IRC bot's configuration.
  • IRC bot is reporting an internal ip address on match announcement (game server and irc bot are on the same network).
    • dp_server_from_wan needs to be set to the external ip address of the server. Depending on network configuration, the irc bot may have issues connecting to the game server if dp_server is set to the external ip address.

External Links Edit

  • Melanobot, a similar and commonly used IRC bot for Xonotic.
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