Warfare is an official map of Xonotic.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Being a map without a Vortex, one does not need to stack in preparation for damaging sneak hitscan shots; however the only sources of armor is Mega Armor, 50 Armor, and 25 Armor making it important for the out-of-control player not to cede control of the latter pick ups.

Additionally there are corners of the map where both exits are in a line of sight, making it possible to trap or be trapped in specific positions by weapons such as but not exclusive to Mortar and Devastator.

Trick Jumps[edit | edit source]


Warfare tricks for the refined Gentleperson-0

Demonstration of do-able jumps for the map Warfare.

  • 0:34, from 50 armor corridor to bottom teleporter destination, this jump requires crouching immediately after jumping to prevent collision with ceiling

Blaster Jumps[edit | edit source]


Lazy Laser Launches for Losers - Warfare-0

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