Xoylent is an official Xonotic map, remade and renamed from the Nexuiz map Soylent.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Compared to other maps, Xoylent has an extra Mega Armor; however it is an open space map meaning players can be knocked off the map thus killed regardless of health and armor.

Tuba Easter Egg[edit | edit source]

Xoylent is the only official map with a hidden Tuba easter egg. It may only be accessed through a hidden set of doors with a correct username and password. If the player were to step in front of the door, a distinctive sound will play. The centerprint HUD will then request a username, then a password if a correct username is given. Behind the Tuba is also a teleporter that will charge up if the player steps in. Upon a full charge, the player will be warped to a remote asteroid in space with a sign staked on it.

Accessing the Tuba requires entering in console commands (~). There are two sets of usernames and passwords that will open the doors and grant access to the Tuba. The username being the one of the mapper duo's names and the password being the map name. Only one set is needed to open the door.

Username and Password #1[edit | edit source]

tell #0 sev
tell #0 Xoylent

Username and Password #2[edit | edit source]

tell #0 Strahlemann
tell #0 Soylent

Trick Jumps[edit | edit source]


Soylent Trick Jumps

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